Privacy Policy

This policy is utilised to set out how Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist uses any information collected during mail outs and explains:

  • What kind of information Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist collects
  • How Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist uses the information collected
  • Disclosure of Information
  • How to contact Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist

This policy applies to Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist. The policy is used to explain how information gathered is utilised by Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist.

This policy may be reviewed and updated at any particular time to incorporate any changes to company policy and procedures or changes in the law. All information held by Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist will be managed by the most recent policy placed on our e-mails.

What kind of information does Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist collect?

Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist uses information gathered from a variety of sources including (but not limited to):

  • Information from transactional relationships (i.e. a Customer – Supplier relationship).
  • Information from data gathering exercises (where details have been provided to Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist by a client).
  • Information from meetings, networking & other such activities (where details have been freely provided).
  • Through e-mail tracking – when an e-mail is sent to you Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist gathers the following information.
    • Who has opened our e-mail, at which time and how many times.
    • Who has clicked on one or more of the links which is tracked in our e-mail, and at which time/date and how many times.
    • Who has unsubscribed and subscribed to our e-mail notifications.
    • If an e-mail address has bounced (returned without reaching the target).
    • If you forward information to a friend, and their details. (Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist will not contact the person you have forwarded an e-mail to unless given permission by way of verbal/written contact with that person, or their subscription to e-mail notifications).

How Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist uses the information collected

  • Information gathered is utilised for the purpose of providing product and service information which may be of interest to you or is related to previous purchases by you.
  • It is also used to give our company a better understanding of which products/services are of interest to our consumers.
  • Communicate with you
  • Help Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist improve its products/services
  • Provide an opportunity for clients to receive e-mail notifications & e-newsletters from Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist.

Disclosure of Information

Information collected by our e-mail marketing will only be used by our company to determine which e-mail campaigns performed better than others, and to enable us to unsubscribe and subscribe people to our e-mail newsletters. This information will not be used for any other purpose, and will always remain the property of Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist.

How to contact Julieanne Beeston Medical Herbalist

If you have any questions about the privacy policy or your privacy, please contact us: