Our Focus

Our practice can treat all areas of health, however we have specific interest and experience in the following areas:

Natural Fertility

Julieanne Beeston treats and supports a range of conditions but has a special interest in fertility and women’s health from puberty through to menopause.

Natural FertilityJulieanne is passionate about helping couples and individuals become parents via preconception care and enhancing male and female fertility.

In cases where Assisted Reproductive Technologies and IVF is necessary, Julieanne is experienced in supporting these processes and ensures that any complementary medicine being used is both safe and beneficial.

Natural Fertility Testimonials

“I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to you in helping us achieve our goal of conceiving.

I believe the herbs and supplements you prescribed me made a big difference, not to mention the advice, support and dietary guidance you gave.

I feel both myself and my family have a healthier diet which I will continue throughout the pregnancy and beyond. Thanks again.”

Vicki, Merewether

Preconception Care

Preconception care improves the health and fertility of the parents-to-be.

photo-preconception_careCouples interested in preconception care are advised to begin implementing strategies 4 months prior to conception thereby ensuring optimum nutrition levels are achieved and health issues are dealt with.

This time frame supports natural fertility because it takes the woman’s egg 3-4 months to mature before ovulation and 72-76 days for sperm to develop. Good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and reducing exposure to toxins all have a beneficial influence on the health of the egg and sperm.

If you are planning a pregnancy, preconception care can optimise both your own health and the health of your baby.

Preconception Care Testimonial

“I am a preconception care convert! We saw Julieanne when my husband and I decided to start a family. Julieanne gave us practical information about diet and lifestyle, and taught me to understand my cycle. It was a really good experience, and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to plan a pregnancy.”
A & B Johnson, Warners Bay


Infertility due to medical conditions – such as endometriosis, PCOS, immune dysfunction, poor sperm count, motility or morphology, or due to unexplained infertility – can be supported by herbal medicine.

InfertilityJulieanne has supported many individuals and couples in resolving health problems that cause infertility, enabling them to achieve conception and have healthy pregnancies.

In cases where Assisted Reproductive Technologies and IVF is required, Julieanne is experienced in providing the adjunct complementary health care that improves the possibility of success.

Infertility Testimonial

“My partner and I had been trying to have a baby for a while. And time was running out. My sperm count wasn’t good and so it looked like we were headed for IVF. We decided to try the ‘natural’ way first. Julieanne stressed the importance of male fertility and gave me four months to get my act together – I changed my diet and took the stuff I was given. And, lo & behold – Pregnant! Thank you Julieanne.”


Pregnancy can be safely supported using herbs and nutrition to optimise the health of both mother and child.

photo-pregnancy_v2Treatments are tailored to the specific health needs of each trimester and can address any individual health issues that may arise, such as:

  1. Heartburn
  2. Anxiety
  3. Constipation & haemorrhoids
  4. Morning sickness

 Julieanne ensures that any herbal medicines or nutritional supplements prescribed during pregnancy are safe for both mother and child.

Pregnancy Testimonials

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful pregnancy care. I feel the herbal support you gave me as well as your kind and understanding ways wholeheartedly contributed to me having one of the most wonderful and amazing healing opportunities ever.”

J.A, Dudley

“I started seeing Julieanne when my husband and I decided to start a family as I had been on the contraceptive pill for a long time and needed to re-regulate my hormones and menstrual cycle. I also suffered from anxiety for more than 10 years and was finding the process of trying to conceive very stressful as it was taking longer than I had expected. Julieanne not only provided herbal remedies to assist with the physical aspects of trying to conceive but was also a great source of support for the emotional aspects as well. My Husband and I conceived the month after I started seeing Julieanne and we now have a beautiful baby girl. Julieanne continued to provide excellent care and support for me throughout my entire pregnancy. My anxiety levels increased even more while I was pregnant and Julieanne was always more than happy to speak to me at length regarding any issue I was having. I never felt rushed and Julieanne was always happy to listen to me and provide much needed reassurance in addition to her recommendations for the necessary supplements that would be of benefit to me. I don’t know how I would have coped without Julieanne’s support and I would highly recommend Julieanne’s services to anyone wishing to start a family”

Melissa, Mayfield

Post Partum Health

Julieanne enjoys supporting her clients following the births of their babies.

Post Partum HealthIdeally the transition into motherhood is a smooth one.

However for some women extra support may be needed, such as:

  1. Support with breast feeding and milk supply
  2. Post partum healing
  3. Support for post natal depression and anxiety

Post Partum Testimonials

“In the months following the birth of my baby things became harder for me rather than easier, I was depressed, my mother could see I was struggling with life in general and suggested I might like to have an appointment with Julieanne Beeston. Meeting with Julieanne was the best thing I could have done to help myself. Herbal medicine along with Julieanne’s insightful, sensitive and supportive guidance were the key factors in helping me bounce the baby blues away. Julieanne’s passion for and knowledge of womens health is genuine and thorough, I highly recommend Julieanne’s services to support your path to wellness.”
D.R., Tighes Hill

“Julieanne is instrumental in helping me and my family stay in good health. I had almost a year of chronic infections (mastitis) and Julieanne was brilliant in helping to clear the infection, as well as providing caring, honest and very sound advice, both from a physical point of view, and emotional. I highly recommend her to everyone!”
F.E., Tighes Hill


Menopause can be a challenging time for many women.

MenopauseMenopause varies for every woman. Changing health needs and symptoms including hot flushes, fatigue, aches and pains and mood swings can be treated effectively with Herbal Medicine and nutrition.

Julieanne has the experience to help guide you through this stage of life, empowering you to engage in a healthy transition.

Menopause Testimonials

“Dear Julieanne, Just a note to let you know that I am doing well and no longer need my herbal mix. The hot flushes have completely gone. Thank you for all the help, I don’t know what I would have done with out your help”

R. M., Belmont

“To say that menopause was making me feel dreadful is an understatement. When I had my first consultation I was tired, achey and forgetful (this was not me!). Thanks to Julieanne I’m feeling like myself again and I’m confidant about the future. If you are worried about feeling old before your time, check in with Julieanne.”
M.W., Hamilton


Many people have a natural approach to their health but can be easily overwhelmed when it comes to supplements and dietary choices.

photo-wellnessA herbal medicine consultation can help you develop knowledge and skills that you can use to enhance and maintain your health and well being.

Julieanne has a common sense approach to health and believes that  an individualised approach, with an emphasis on prevention is paramount. As such,  Julieanne will assess your unique needs holistically, based on your constitution, family history (genetics), environmental influences, stage of life, gender, and stress response. In doing so you can learn what dietary approaches are best for you and what supplements you can use if and when you need them.

Wellness Testimonial

“Dear Julieanne, many thanks for your valuable help and support this past year. I feel as though I’m finally finding the missing pieces to get my life back on track”

DB, Maitland


After years of seeing clients with stress related conditions Julieanne is passionate about providing her clients with tools to help them better cope with stress.

photo-stress_v2While herbal medicine can not change the circumstances that are causing you stress, it can provide you with the ability to respond to stress in healthier ways, giving you the chance to make changes before health problems develop.

Stress Testimonial

“I was struggling with fatigue during my final year at Uni. My sister convinced me to try herbal medicine. Julieanne gave me diet advice that was easy to follow and that I could afford. I can’t believe the difference that it made to my energy and focus”

PM, Newcastle