About your Consultation

 Your initial consultation with Julieanne involves discussing your current health concerns and goals. A thorough case history will be taken covering your medical history, diet, level of stress and lifestyle. You should allow considerably more time than a standard medical appointment, usually up to 90 minutes.
On your first appointment please bring information relating to any medication you are taking, recent test results and other pertinent information.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine is about treating your presenting symptoms as well as identifying and taking care of what is causing those symptoms: this is a time rich approach that ensures you are listened to and treated as an individual.

 A treatment plan will be devised to meet your individual health goals.

As part of the treatment plan, herbal medicines are formulated to meet your specific needs. Julieanne uses only the highest quality TGA approved supplements and herbal medicines. Herbal medicines can be prescribed in liquid or tablet form.

When professionally prescribed herbal medicine is safe and effective, and can be used with prescription medication, or on it’s own.

Julieanne encourages an integrated approach to treatment and will work with your GP or specialist to ensure you receive the best treatment possible.

How Important is Nutrition?

Nutrition plays an important role in your consultation. Julieanne will combine the science of nutrition with the principles of herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine values food as medicine. Using the therapeutic value of whole foods, dietary advice is tailored to address your health needs, taking into account your preferences and lifestyle.

Where possible, to assist in your healing, Julieanne will recommend certain foods be incorporated into your diet, and nutritional supplements may also be prescribed if needed.

Julieanne does not advocate fad diets, programs or meal replacements. She believes it is important to enjoy food and supports her clients in finding what works for them.

Schedule of Fees

Health rebates available dependent on your provider and level of coverage.

Julieanne Beeston

Initial Consultation

  1. 90 minutes
  2. We discuss your health goals & needs in detail
  3. Devise initial treatment plan
  4. Please bring information relating to any medication you are taking, recent test results and other pertinent information relating to your health
  5. $125

Follow-up Consultations

  1. 45-60 minutes
  2. Review health needs and progress
  3. Adapt treatment according to progress and goals
  4. $90

Herbal medicines & supplements are specifically formulated and prescribed to meet the needs of each client and so vary accordingly. Costs for medicines & supplements can range from $25 to $120 per consultation.

Julieanne will usually see clients more regularly in the initial stages of treatment; as health goals are achieved and needs change, consultations become spaced further apart.